Sunday, March 9, 2008

*sigh* Okay, maybe I have a blog...

I don't really understand the psychological necessity of putting your angst online where anyone can see it, but nonetheless, I am as victim to it as the next blogger. My angst is even very mundane: "Hey look guys, I'm bored! That sucks!"

Really, what's bothering me right now is that it seems like I can't get anyone to hang out with me. I'm actually jealous of my friends who all live together in a 5-person household; I know it would drive me batty (hell, it did when I lived in that situation), yet I feel so starved for a variety of company that I get all bitter at my friends who can't be bothered to come hang out with me because they have probably 80% of their social lives conveniently packaged at home. Not only that, but they took their party and moved it to Superior, making it a 20 minute drive to go hang out with them, or for them to come hang out with me. *sigh*

See how underprivileged I am? I think it's all of that, plus everything I did today outside of the house failed. I still shouldn't be complaining, because I only tried to do one thing, which was go to Art Hardware and pick up print making tools. Silly me thinking anywhere would be open on a Sunday. Still, it was quite an excursion to come home empty-handed. Plus the friend who said they'd come with me flaked out with no explanation. So I'm bitter. Bitter, Elly, bitter. *le sigh* K going now bai.

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