Friday, May 15, 2015

Muck Festival

The time has come once again for the annual recognition of my MS. I try not to do it more often than that, because why would I? It’s kind of a bummer. Of course, this year’s festival is happening a mere eight months after last year’s, so… there’s that. But you see, this skullduggery caused me to short-circuit on the fundraising front, and the shirt-design front, and the team-building front… basically on all fronts except for the actual signing-up-for-it front. Much to my surprise, my team, the Racing Snails, has still raised over one thousand dollars, no thanks to me. Great job, team!

If it weren’t for climate change, having the MuckFest in May would probably be a good idea. However, those of you in Colorado will know that this year has been… a bit schizophrenic, weather-wise. Eighty degree days in February, snow in May, eighty degrees again, and then this Saturday in Larkspur (when/where the event is held) will be fifty-four degrees and raining (eighty percent likelihood). So, hilariously cold. But we Snails shall prevail! We are mighty! We are… crazy! And we will probably be popsicles! So… pray for us!

For anyone reading this who doesn’t already know, the MuckFest is a mud obstacle course that raises money for the National MS Society, and I’ve participated three times so far. Every year, it’s fun and challenging and epic. Last year, we raised enough money to win the use of a GoPro camera (in addition to the GoPro camera my teammate already owns, so two GoPro cameras, ah ah ah). We made an excellent video chronicling the various obstacles, which is certainly boring to everyone but us. I hope that they don’t decide to schedule the next MuckFest to be in four months or two months or two days or yesterday, because I’d very much like to make shirts for next time, as well as actually fundraise.

Prepping for the race is always stressful. It’s that thing where no matter how prepared I am, I always am sure that I’m forgetting something. I am the one who organizes where we meet. I am the one who sends out the email reminding people of what they need to bring and when they need to get there. And I end up feeling responsible if not everyone has as much fun as I would like—but, because I’m crazy, I don’t get to take the credit if they do have as much fun as I would like. The last few days have been exhausting, completely unrelated to the MuckFest, and I’m nervous about tomorrow. I just hope that everything goes smoothly and no one freezes to death.

So, dear readers, please support my team by visiting my page and clicking “Donate Now”, near the top right corner. Any size donation is wildly appreciated! And feel free to come spectate and cheer us on! Our wave begins at 9:30am. Hope to see some of you there!

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