Friday, July 31, 2015

Writing again!

I am writing again! And it is good! I have almost completely finished my outline—I’ve gotten to the point where most of what’s left to outline is stuff that is staying mostly the same from Cassidy1. That in and of itself is sortof a double-edged sword, since outlining that is boring. And boringly outlining things is unappealing. But I shall power through! Because on the other side of the outline lies... The Narrative.

I’ve been making incremental progress over the last couple of days. Real Life has been complicated, with vet visits happening three out of five days this week. I try to open the file and peck out a line or two despite the mental distress that my sweet little furballs inspire. Also, someone in my writers’ group is going through something extremely exciting that I’m really not allowed to talk about. But I am thinking about it quite a bit.

Right now I’m feeling full of warm fuzzy goodness to be part of a writing community. It’s a small one: pretty much just my writers’ group. I know I could join something bigger, join a forum or a fandom or something, but I’ve always preferred smaller, closer circles. I am just eternally grateful that my group is one that is so goddamned supportive and giving. What would I do if Rachel didn’t like me harassing her on a daily basis, moaning about how hard writing is and how I’m a special snowflake because I’m struggling with writer’s block? I would probably give up, to be totally honest. It’s good to know that writer’s block is ubiquitous, and that I’m not a special snowflake, but that so what, that doesn’t make it not terrible and real, so here have some hot chocolate and quit hitting myself. It keeps things in perspective to know that the most passionate prolific writer I know has days that she plays WoW all day and doesn’t write a single word. (Though, sorry, Rachel, the title of most passionate and prolific may be transferring to Becky before too long.)

I have a tendency to think that there’s a method to do things, a “right way,” like the five-paragraph essay. If I don’t do my outline with this particular formatting, I’m doing it wrong! That sort of fixation is the killer of creativity. Talking to people who all do things different ways gives me the courage to do things my own way and not worry if it’s “right,” because it’s my own and all it has to do is work for me.

I feel like I should try to blog about something other than writing. My daily struggles aren’t super interesting. But it’s all I can think about at this point, so it’s all you get. Until next time, faithful readers!


Anonymous said...

Rofl! Becky certainly deserves the title, and I shall gracious concede it. ;)

Hehe, and I agree with the 'it helps to know there's no one right way'. Like tube socks. A tube sock can go on /either foot/, you just have to choose.

I had my own moment of epiphany in that respects a while back when someone was like: oh yeah, and I write all my scenes not in chronological order. The book's chronological, but I write them all over the place. Important/exciting scenes first and then I fill stuff in.

Me: *mind blows* *fireworks crackle*

I feel like I'd heard it before, but it never sunk in, yanno? Like, oh my god? People can craft narratives nonlinearly?! And the books are still awesome?!

... I later figured out that that is really not how I work, but, yanno. Sometimes it's weird things at just the right time that help. :)

Becky Munyon said...

That whole "right way" thing is often what leaves me completely stuck. It happened when writing my synopsis, and is happening now that I'm researching. Whatever way you do it is the right way.
I feel honored to have the "passionate and prolific" title, but I'm willing to share it.