Monday, August 24, 2015

Inksoldiers poetry challenge: Day 1

Daylight fervor
Chores, errands, friends
You see purpose.
But when sunshine wanes
Your cup is empty.
Nothing remains
To testify to your day.
In the blackness of night
Your eyes develop their true sight.
You see the world you hide
From yourself when
You pretend that living
Just to continue living
Is enough.
Awake, exhausted, floating and lost,
Your spirit’s eye searches for the Art
You called “frivolous” when you left it behind.
The sun rises, watery and new,
And you push away the ache to sleep
And remind yourself how “happy” you are.

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1 comment:

Becky Munyon said...

Yay poetry!
There's not nearly enough poetry in the world anymore.