Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Because I said I'd blog more

So far, NaNo in May has been 100% unsuccessful. Naps struck me both Monday and Tuesday. Today I'm antsy and feel like I can't make my brain sit still, so I've written 54 words. Of course, my total is 2,328 so at least I'm not at the very beginning, but I do have mighty catching up to do. Maybe over the weekend. And just because I haven't written doesn't mean I wasn't productive. I worked on art resources for the P&C game my friends and I are percolating, and did some chores, and handled some money matters… not wasted time for the most part, but I still feel kinda irresponsible. Plus there are a couple of things that are in my to-do list that I'm dreading and thus haven't done: phone calls, obviously.

Six months ago I scheduled a Neurology appointment for April 21st, which (unbeknownst to me at the time) was the same date as the Greeley Jazz festival that I go to every year. I had to cancel my appointment and have requested a new one via the website, twice. But I have heard nothing back, so I have to call them, ugh. Also my insurance decided to stop covering Adderall, which is straight crazy, so… another phone call. Both of these are relatively urgent, and I need to do them, so obviously I haven't.

On the upside, I'm covered in kittens (who have had nearly-immaculate litter box etiquette for a change!), which is probably the best thing ever. Today was a great day, I went for a long drive in the afternoon that unfortunately coincided with rush hour, but it was gorgeous and warm and beautiful. The weather went, in the course of 3 days, from white-out blizzard to have-to-open-the-windows warm, and I'm loving that. I want to make the most of the long days. Days are getting longer until the middle of June, and I want to make sure I squeeze out every last drop of sun! I should swim this year. Swimming is good.

Well, that's all I've got for now. Ciao word nerds!


Becky Munyon said...

Kittens! Yay!
You're still trying and staying positive, so that's a success!
Part of the reason that I go to coffee shops/library so much (other than the fact that I might go insane otherwise) is to be productive and stop taking naps I don't need to take. Sometimes I actually need to rest, and so do you, but it might help to leave the house more when you can. I've noticed that even when I'm feeling good and have energy, if I'm home, I have the almost uncontrollable urge to take a nap. It's annoying. Some it has to do with that whole after lunch sleepy thing. But I'm way more productive when I leave the house. And I've given myself a monthly coffee allowance, so I don't go totally bonkers spending money on coffee. It's amazing how much time that one afternoon nap can eat up.
It's still very early in May, so keep going. Don't give up on MaNo.

Elly Conley said...

=D I won't.

I know that leaving the house can definitely help, but my Inhibitor is very persuasive when it tells me that that's a lie. Also kittens are at home, and it's hard to resist a pile of sleeping kittens for a cold and impersonal coffee shop.

Becky Munyon said...

Yes, I'm sure it is.