Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Everything but writing

So, creativity.

I have it. Boy, do I. I have been creating and creating and creating. I’m reflooring rooms! Painting rooms! Building fences! I’m knitting a scarf (right) that requires twenty-three strands of yarn. I even built a little tool dealie-bob to help me keep all them strands organized and untangled. I’m growing plants. Growing kittens. Designing shirts for the MuckFest. I’m learning 3D modeling. And now I have a deep and burning desire to build bookshelves with lumber and screws.

You know what I can’t seem to do? (I think the title gave it away a little bit.)

That’s right: write. Yesterday, Becky and I had a writing date, for the first time in several weeks. Instead of writing, I wrote a Java program for formatting HTML. Because, you guessed it, I’m straight bonkers. I stayed up till 2am finishing that program, specifically to improve an HTML file that was already 98% there and that I’m not going to bother updating anyway. (The good news is that it can be reused in the future, so that’s nice.) Anyway, I finished it, and now I wish I could coax Becky into writing with me again, because I recognize that I totally wasted what may be the only time this week that I’ll have any motivation to write. (Our dates provide motivation of the external variety, which is essential at times.) And I would have loved to chat about things instead of having my entire brain absorbed in mind-bending code. But… I also love the way I feel when I’m that engaged. It feels like fatigue doesn’t matter, like my life doesn’t have to matter as long as I feel that way forever.

But that’s sorta edging into other topics, so I’m gonna call it here. Now I have to go do chores for the rest of the day so that our cleaning lady can… you know, clean stuff.


Becky Munyon said...

Nope, I'm never, ever writing with you again ever.
You did seem very in the zone.
I think I'm going to find you a very old laptop, one that can support a word processing program and nothing else, that way you are forced to write. Or maybe a typewriter. Or maybe I'll conspire with Branden to child-lock your internet and other programs, that way you can still use your computer, but only for writing, and blogging, we'll make it so you can still blog, cause that's writing, and I'd hate to cut myself off from kitten pics. Hmm...

Elly Conley said...

Bwahaha, you see my difficulty. I think, if I'm going to write, I'll write; if I'm not going to, I will find some way to waste time, even if all I have is a pencil and paper. XD