Friday, February 13, 2015

I was right! or Been away..

So, remember how I said that if I stopped writing for a week, it would go back to seeming completely terrifying? Yeah... I was right.

Monday, I was all over everything. Went to the gym, wrote 2,200+ words, and was generally magnificently on-task. But on Tuesday, my tank ran out. I had to have fun, or I would surely die. So, though I had planned to make it to the gym, instead I spent all day playing Don’t Starve, which is my favorite obsession. I’m still not sure why I love that game so much—past a certain point, it’s just easy. I have, like, 80 blow darts and I killed the Deerclops with nothing but tooth traps. It’s getting a mite silly.

So, thusly funned, I approached Wednesday optimistically. I got to the gym in the morning and was hoping to write 4k words to make up for Tuesday, but it turned out that, fun as DS was on Tuesday, my tank was not so filled as to allow me to actually go anywhere on it. So I didn’t write my book and I didn’t write my blog—instead, I spent time trying to catch up on my internet. I managed to get through about half of my Tumblr before Branden got home.

Man, Tumblr is a commitment.

Thursday, we had house cleaners come. Let me tell you, I will happily trade money for spoons. Branden wandered through the house when he got home, blissfully bellowing “so clean!” And I... I ran the errand that I had to run before our trip tomorrow. Other than that, I caught up on Tumblr and Feedly. Didn’t quite feel up to approaching my 112 new messages on deviantArt, though. So, watched Bones and decompressed... some more. Last night, we did last minute get-ready-to-go things, and then slept like piles of kittens.

Which brings us to today.

My travel bottles didn’t all fit into a quart-sized plastic bag, so I had to run out and get some slightly narrower travel bottles. Also, my mom came over with my 2-month-old nephew, and predictably, nothing writerly has gotten done. I did manage to read today’s Tumblr and catch up on dA (which included unsubscribing from a couple of groups whose deviations are never my thing), but I am listening with one ear to make sure that I’m not missing anything important. Needless to say, I don’t have the brain for creative writing... though my mom did just take Declan upstairs so the two of them could lay down.

I’m not convinced that’s a good idea for her—she has to drive back to Denver, and if she left nowish she could probably avoid the awful traffic—but if she sticks around, she can give me a ride to the park ’n’ ride at 4. Color me selfish.

So now I’ll try to get some words down, as I doubt very much that I’ll do any writing from Boise (though I will try, if I have honestly free time). I’ll be flying back on Monday. See you guys then!

Word count: 23,489 (寁)

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