Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Two blogs in two days, lordy lordy

Yesterday, I wrote 4,127 words. Not counting the blog. It took me till 5:30pm and I felt quite burned afterwards. Please excuse me for not having a whole lot to say today.

This morning, I wrote a post for Tumblr about how to give feedback on works in progress, specifically aimed at people who have difficulty with that. Because, well, people who don’t have difficulty with that probably don’t need a guide. *harrumph* Anyway.

So, today I will blog about things that inspire me and things that assist in my writing process. There is no guarantee that this will be interesting.

  • Colors
  • Song lyrics
  • Brilliant original stories, like Daughter of Smoke and Bone
  • Stories about cynical underdogs fighting for justice
  • Stories about angels, apparently
  • Surreal feelings of seeing the exact path life would have taken if a choice were made differently
  • Really cool shoes

Writing Aides:

Did I put those in unordered lists so that my blog post looks longer? Mmmaaayyybbbeee. Did I just stretch out the word “maybe” to put more filler in my post? No, actually, that’s just an added bonus.

Sorry my interesting tank is empty today. I hope to be more engaging on Friday!

Word count: 15,307 (㯋)

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